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The Japan Washi Photo Association takes measures to prevent troubles at the time of sale and to explain how to store them.

​ stamped the signature and seal of the author's nameWe issue art certificates.

The Japan Washi Photographic Society takes measures to prevent problems at the time of sale and to explain preservation methods.

We issue a certificate of fine art with the artist's name signature or seal of approval.

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There are two types of paulownia boxes: A3 size and A2 size​

​Both are elaborately designed to use stacked boxes.


Paulownia boxes are very popular in Russian museums

Preservation of Japanese paper photos

Washi becomes an adult

Handmade Japanese paper, which is an accumulation of natural materials, takes time to stabilize.

If the ideal environment is maintained, it takes one to two years for washi paper to reach its most stable texture and luster.

Mounting craftsmen who create hanging scrolls and folding screens refer to this state as "washi becoming an adult."

The Shosoin in Nara has works of art made of Japanese paper that were born more than a thousand years ago, and they are the result of various preservation techniques such as proper dehumidification, drying, and insect repellent.

It's not good to keep it closed, and it's not good to keep it on display

The hanging scrolls preserved in temples in Kyoto are regularly displayed to the public as a dehumidification measure by exposing them to the air.

Permanent exhibitions are also not good because they cause dust and dirt.

​Washi is a completely organic material that needs to be aired regularly.

Do not store in places with high temperatures or in direct sunlight

Avoid placing the product in direct sunlight, such as near a heater, near a window, or near a lighting fixture.

Moisture is the enemy of Japanese paper

Lockers and closets tend to trap moisture and cause mold to grow. The use of a desiccant is also mandatory.

Strictly no metals or chemicals

Sellotape and cam tape generate chemical substances such as petroleum-based volatile agents, which can cause deterioration and discoloration of Japanese paper.

Also avoid metal frames, as they can cause dew condensation.

​​ Leaving it in the file case will cause condensation and press the plant fibers on the surface, so please take it out when storing.

Japan Washi Photo Association original paulownia box

The Japan Washi Photo Association has custom-made a paulownia box that can store a large number of WshigraphPhotos.

The paulownia box is the most effective way to store Japanese paper, as it dehumidifies, keeps warm, prevents mold, and protects against system.

​The paulownia box has a high degree of sealing even in the unlikely event of a fire.It prevents the spread of fire to the inside and the intrusion of digestive water.

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