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Japan Washigraph Exhibition
Venue: Russian Federation Orenburg State Orenburg Museum Gallery(Exhibition Hall of the Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts)
​Duration: July 9th to September 19th, 2021 (79 days after extension twice)

Orenburg Museum exhibition

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7/2  Welcomed by museum staff at Orenburg airport. She started living in an apartment arranged by the museum.

7/3 Meeting with Director Yuri at the Orenburg Art Museum (main building). The construction work of the exhibition has started.

It was also decided to form a project to sell works with ZOLOTOY KVADART, an art company in Orenburg, which was introduced by Director Yuri.

7/6 Courtesy visit to Orenburg State University. A meeting with the president. With the director of the Japan Center (dean) of the same university​ dinner. Exchange with university students begins. Get interviewed by TV and newspapers.

7/9 Opening ceremony of the Japan Washigraph Exhibition at the Exhibition Hall of the Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts. Many high-ranking officials from the Orenburg region attended. Get interviewed by TV and newspapers.

7/10 Japan Washigraph Exhibition officially started.

7/11  Yukata photo session with visitors to the exhibition started. (Photographing 1,000 visitors) The work isDedicated sitePublished in.

7/23  Photographer Nobuaki Tanaka's personal seminar was held at the ZOLOTOY KVADART gallery. The second event will be held on July 30th.

​7/26  Photographer Nobuaki Tanaka, in cooperation with ZOLOTOY KVADART, presents a world-class new Photo session with the gymnastics team.

​8/3 With the cooperation of the Orenburg Museum and ZOLOTOY KVADART (Representative: Alevtina Afmpaya), photographer Nobuaki Tanaka will hold a photo session for nude works of Russian women. ​

8/5 Miharu Watanabe joined Russia by traveling alone. Experienced a photo session while staying in Orenburg (~8/12).

8/13 Large-scale exhibition at the National Museum in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia.

Chairman Tanaka receives the Orenburg shawl praised by Yuri, director of the Orenburg Museum, for being "thin enough to pass through a ring and go into a goose's egg." As a photographer, I was commissioned to create a nude photograph of a Japanese woman using this shawl.

​ With the cooperation of the curator of the Orenburg Art Museum, we started to create a museum list of member works of the Japan Washi Photo Association.

8/19 Japan Washi Photo Association held a press conference after returning home. Announced the internationalization of the association, the holding of exhibitions throughout Russia, and the concept of an international photo exhibition in Japan.

8/20 Chairman Tanaka, Secretary General Arima Masuzono, and Yuki Katsunuma (interpreter/negotiator) returned to Japan.

At the Moscow airport on the way back, the manager of the JAL branch office in Russia asked me for a cooperation plan, such as introducing the Japanese ambassador to Moscow.

September 2021

9/2  The National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, Russia, and the Japan Washigraph Exhibition Signed a contract for holding the event.

9/14 The exhibition at the National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Ufa, which was scheduled to start in October, will be postponed due to the corona crisis, due to the notification of the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation.

9/19 The "Japan Washigraph Exhibition" sponsored by the Russian State Orenburg Museum, which had been extended twice, ended after 72 days. Record thousands of paid visitors.

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