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​Translation from Russian to Japanese of the contract data sent by the person in charge of the Orenburg Museum

agreement no 9.


About the "WashigraphPhoto" Exhibition

Orenburg 03.12.2021.

The State Autonomous Cultural Institution "Orenburg Regional Art Museum" (hereinafter "Director"), represented by the Director of the Museum Yuri Eduardovich Komlev, acted on the basis of the Statute and created the Regional State Budgetary Cultural Institution "Ulyanovsk IA Local Lore Museum named after Goncharov ("Recipient") is acting under the Terms. A. Goncharov" (hereinafter referred to as the "Recipient"), represented by the Director Yulia Konstantinovna Volodina acting on the Charter, has entered into this Agreement as follows:


1. Scope of Agreement

1.1 The subject of this contract shall provide exhibits from the Instructor's collection for exhibition at the exhibition "WashigraphPhoto" (hereinafter the Exhibition).

The director will provide the museum items (exhibits) described in Exhibit 1, which forms part of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "exhibits"), free of charge for exhibiting at the Exhibition.

1.3 Venue of the exhibition: the exhibition hall of the branch of the Regional State Cultural Budget Agency named “Ulyanovsk Local Lore Museum named after I.A. Goncharov”. IA Goncharov Historical and Memorial Museum Center (Ulyanovsk, ul.Lenina, 134/20).

1.4 Exhibition period: from December 28, 2021 to February 14, 2022. (Considering transportation from December 2021 to February 21, 2022).


2 Obligations of the parties

"Sender" promises to:

2.1 For the duration of the exhibition, the objects will be transferred for temporary use to the local state cultural budget institution "Local Museum of Lore in honor of Ulyanovsk IA Goncharov".

"Recipient" undertakes that:

2.2 Yu.E. Komlev. Sends a letter to the director of the Orenburg Regional Museum requesting an exhibition.

2.3 Submit a letter of guarantee (power of attorney for exhibition acquisition) for the safety and responsibility for the return of exhibits provided by the exhibitor.

2.4 Ensure the safety and timely return of museum items at the exhibition.

2.5. to the Operator a report of the Exhibition (indicating opening and closing dates, number of visitors and number of children among them), photographs and (if available) video of the opening; and Provide links to media publications.

2.6. Installation and dismantling of exhibitions, packing of museum items for transport in accordance with regulations.


3 Exhibition transportation

3.1 The number of exhibitions from the State Autonomous Cultural Institution “Orenburg Regional Art Museum” (Orenburg, ul.Kashirina 29) to the regional State Financial and Cultural Institution “Goncharov Memorial Museum of Ulyanovsk Region” (Ulyanovsk, ul.Lenina, 134/20). Transportation costs shall be borne by the recipient.

3.2 From the State Regional Cultural Institution Museum of Local Traditions after Ulyanovsk Goncharov (Ulyanovsk, Lenina St., 134/20) to the State Autonomous State Institution “Orenburg Regional Museum” (Orenburg, Kashirina St., 29). The organizer will bear the transportation costs of the exhibition to


4.   Exhibition Acceptance and Handover

4.1 Upon delivery of the Exhibition to the Recipient's site, an Authorized Representative of the Directing Agent and an Authorized Representative of the Recipient shall verify the condition of preservation of the exhibits contained in the Exhibition; Record its status in a protocol immediately signed by representatives of both parties (“Acceptance and Assignment Acts Concerning Transfer for Substantially Responsible Storage and Temporary Use of Exhibits Contained in the Exhibition”) and hereby shall form part of the Agreement. If the representative of the sending party cannot directly witness the unpacking and packing, the representative of the receiving party shall send a photo (video) report of the procedure performed and report the condition of the item. The signed document shall be mailed.

4.2 Before the exhibits included in the exhibition are sent from the local state budgetary cultural institution "Ulyanovsk IA Goncharov Memorial Museum of Local Traditions" to the state autonomous cultural institution "Orenburg Regional Art Museum", the authorized person A similar procedure is performed by


5. Terms of Use

5.1 In the event that an exhibition exhibit received by the Recipient under the Receipt Act is damaged, damaged or lost during installation, display or dismantling, the Recipient shall immediately notify the contracting parties and provide a statement of damages and/or the goods. Draw up a loss statement and indemnify the contracting parties for all losses on the basis of the decision of the Specialized Inventory Board of the Orenburg Regional Museum.


6. Term of Validity of this Agreement and Procedures for Modification and Termination

6.1 This Agreement is effective when signed by both parties.

6.2 Termination of this Agreement shall occur from the time of the performance of the parties' obligations under this Agreement confirmed by the signature of the corresponding act relating to the return of the Museum Item by the Recipient to the Sender.

6.3 This Agreement cannot be terminated unilaterally. This Agreement may be terminated only by mutual agreement of both parties.



7.1 All disputes that may arise in connection with the conclusion, performance or modification of this Agreement shall be settled by negotiation and, in the event of failure to reach an agreement, shall be referred to the Court of Arbitration of Orenburg, Russian Federation. , its decision shall be final and binding on both parties.


8. Final Terms

8.1 This Agreement has been made by two counterparties, each of which has equal legal force.



9. Legal Address and Signature of Parties


Orenburg Regional Museum” National Autonomous Cultural Institution

Have a legal entity with a registered address

Museum Director ________ YE Komlev



Cultural institution of the state budget of the region Ulyanovsk Regional Museum of Lore

Origin of the name of the Local Tradition Museum

И. A. Goncharov

legal address and physical address

Novy Venets Boulevard, 3/4, Ulyanovsk, 432017

(National Archives of Japan, l/c 20255136862)

Museum Director ________ YK Volodina

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