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HistoryJapan Washi Photography Association History and progress of the establishment of the association

November 2014

○Paris, FranceNobuaki Tanaka participates as a photographer in the international photography exhibition fotofever at a large-scale facility in the basement of the Louvre Museum.

By digital printing of pearl material developed by Mitsubishi photographic paper and XeroxDisplay naked works.

part of the workPosted on the official website of the event.

On that occasion, I reconfirmed that photo prints have gained high acclaim as art overseas and are sold as works of art in museum exhibitions and galleries.

I came up with the idea of fusing Japanese mounting culture such as Japanese paper prints and folding screens with photography.



○ June Nobuaki TanakaBegan creating folding screens with life-size nude photos. The folding screen was created by a Japanese art restorer in Kyoto who is active on a global scale. From the restorer, TokushimaIntroduced to Awagami Factory (Awa Washi Traditional Industry Center) in Yoshinogawa City. WashigraphPhoto is born from the fusion of optimized (Photo Authoring) photo data and handmade Japanese paper. Furthermore, the relationship between WashigraphPhoto and the traditional craft techniques of hanging scrolls, folding screens, etc. is also established at this point.

○October Introduced by a restorer who made a naked photo folding screen,International Council of Museums ICOMDirectly appealed to the Kyoto Secretariat (inside the Kyoto National Museum) of the international convention to participate in the sponsor pavilion.


September 2019

○ World Museum Conference: Nobuaki Tanaka Photography Office exhibited at the ICOM Kyoto International Convention. A life-size Japanese paper photographic folding screen made in Kyoto is drawing attention.

photographer:Nobuaki TanakaAt the venue, we also introduced washi photo works of individuals and students of photography courses that we have presided over in the past.

International Museum Conference ICOM KyotoAt the venue of the event, a RussianOrenburg City Art MuseumReceived a proposal for a plan to hold a Japanese washi photo exhibition from Director Yuri.


October 2019

Opened a preparatory office for the Japan Washi Photo Association. Started recruiting participants for the Japanese Washi Photo Exhibition in Russia.


November 2019

○RussiaOrenburg State Museumand Japan Washigraph Exhibition (Japan​Japanese paper photo exhibition).


January 2020 

○ Opened the official website of the Japan Washi Photo Association. Office staff also participated.


June 2020

○ To the Japan Washi Photo Association, the decision to exhibit at the Orenburg Museum is based on the ICOM Statutes (Section 3: Museum Professionals): “In professional qualifications, services, knowledge and expertise for museums and the museum community Including individuals whose main activity is to provide "a public interest incorporated foundation". .

japanese washi paper photoof the president of the associationNobuaki TanakaAs a member of ICOM, Paris will award a membership card (free admission to museums in 137 countries). Tanaka is personally registered with the ICFA Museum of Fine Arts International Committee. Be able to participate in international conferences of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).


July 2020

○ Held six face-to-face events for members in Kansai and Kanto.


August 2020

○ Arima Masuzono, Yuki Katsunuma, Hiroko Hidaka (secretariat staff), Katsuyuki Miyabe, Tetsuya Maruta, and Uhito Ogawa (members) are approved as members of ICOM.

○ Confirmed in writing the application procedures for holding the Japanese Washigraph Exhibition with the Orenburg Art Museum in Russia.


September 2020

○ Hosted an event for members of the Japan Washi Photography Association at the Awa Washi Traditional Industry Center (Awagami Factory) in Tokushima.

filmmaker'sKatsuyuki MiyabeA video work on the traditional culture of Japanese paper and an introduction video of members are recorded by.

○ Participated in the 1st anniversary symposium of the ICOM Kyoto Convention "SDGs and Museums" at the Kyoto National Museum.

Confirm that the Japanese paper photography initiative corresponds to the SDGs.

Setsuko SunadaA work of plants photographed with a black background is used as a teaching material for the design department of Tokyo Polytechnic University's animation department (former Zokei University).

○Established a steering committee. Information on the Japan Washi Photo AssociationStart Instagram with Facebook page and member photos.


10 2020Moon

○ Apply for a travel invitation visa to participate in the "Japan Washigraph Exhibition" from the Ministry of Justice of Russia.


November 2020Moon

○ The “Japan Washigraph Exhibition” at the Orenburg Art Museum in Russia, which was scheduled to be held from December 18th to January 17th due to the corona crisis, has been postponed.

○International museum conference for several members of the Japan Washi Photography Society: Additional approval for membership in ICOM.


Dec 2020Moon

Masumi Tokyo Co., alliance with. Planning a series of member exhibitions.


2021 1Moon

○ Russia's Orenburg Art MuseumJapan Washigraph Exhibition” will be rescheduled from July to August.

○ A group ZOOM coaching session will be held every Saturday night for members of the Japan Washi Photography Association.


○ Acquired the clubhouse domain under the name of the Japan Washi Photo Association. Hosted by Takamasa Kaneko. Started a public talk show.


May 2021

○Artist visas will be issued to traveling members from the Russian Legal Affairs Bureau.

Maho Hiraidecided to hold a children's Japanese paper photography workshop. The first photography lecturer is born from the Japan Washi Photo Association. Other members are preparing similar plans.

​○ FilmmakerKatsuyuki MiyabeHowever, we started releasing promotional videos for members.


June 2021

○ The catalog of the Japan Washigraph Exhibition at the Orenburg Museum has been completed, and general sales have started in Japan.

Toshiya Watanabe,Takayuki Nakatsukastarted ZOOM coaching in charge of the instructor.

Takashi Nishiyamaretired as a town councilor in Kudoyama Town, Wakayama Prefecture. Held a press conference to run for mayor of Kudoyama Town in the spring of 2022. Planning to revive the industrial culture of Koya Washi.

○Vice President Uhito Ogawa, Katsuyuki Miyabe, and Yoshiko Yakushi (Secretariat) visited the ICOM Japan Committee Office for the International Council of Museums. Explanation of the concept and situation of the activity.

○ Started a Facebook bulletin board to communicate information to members.


July 2021

○ July 1 Chairman Tanaka, Secretary General Arima Masuzono, and Yuki Katsunuma (interpreter/negotiator) traveled to Russia. (A send-off party was held at Itami Airport and Haneda on the previous day)

○ 7/2 Arrived at Orenburg after troubles in staying overnight via Moscow. You will be greeted by museum staff. Bring in your work.

○ 7/3 Meeting with Director Yuri of the Orenburg Art Museum. The construction work of the exhibition has started.

On the same day, it was also decided to form a project to sell works with the Orenburg art company ZOLOTOY KVADART, which was introduced by the Orenburg Art Museum..

○7/6 Courtesy visit to Orenburg State University. A meeting with the president. Dinner with ​ with the director of the Japan Center (dean) of the same university. Exchange with university students begins. Get interviewed by TV and newspapers.

Based on the idea of Yuki Katsunuma (Secretariat), we built an information transmission network using Slack that emphasizes recordability.

○ 7/9 Opening ceremony of the Japan Washigraph Exhibition at the Orenburg Museum Gallery (Exhibition Hall of the Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts). Many high-ranking officials from the Orenburg region attended. Get interviewed by TV and newspapers.

○7/10 Japan Washigraph Exhibition officially started.

○7/11  Yukata photo session with visitors to the exhibition started. (Photographing 1,000 visitors) The work isDedicated sitePublished in.

○ In Russia and Japan, we will hold remote meetings using Zoom at Clubhouse almost every day.

○7/23  Photographer Nobuaki Tanaka's personal seminar was held at the gallery of ZOLOTOY KVADART. The second event will be held on July 30th.

​○7/26  With the cooperation of ZOLOTOY KVADART, photographer Nobuaki Tanaka held a photo session with a world-famous rhythmic gymnastics team that has experience visiting Japan at a photo studio in Orenburg.

○ 7/31  Author member Maho Hiraiheld a children's photography class at Akashi Ohashi Park. A male member participated with help.


August 2021

○ 8/3 With the cooperation of the Orenburg Museum and ZOLOTOY KVADART (representative Alevtina Afmpaya), photographer Nobuaki Tanaka held a photo session for naked works of Russian women as models. ​

○8/5 Miharu Watanabe joined Russia by traveling alone.Experienced a photo session while staying in Orenburg (~8/12).

○8/13 A large-scale exhibition at the National Museum in Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan in the Republic of Russia has been unofficially decided.

○Chairman Tanaka is donated the Orenburg shawl praised by Director Yuri of the Orenburg Art Museum as "thin enough to pass through a ring and go into a goose's egg." As a photographer, I was commissioned to create a nude photograph of a Japanese woman using this shawl.

​○ With the cooperation of the curators of the Orenburg Art Museum, we started to create a museum list of member works of the Japan Washi Photo Association.

○8/19 Japan Washi Photo Association held a press conference after returning home. Announced the internationalization of the association, the holding of exhibitions throughout Russia, and the concept of an international photo exhibition in Japan.

○8/20 Chairman Tanaka, Secretary General Arima Masuzono, and Yuki Katsunuma (interpreter/negotiator) returned to Japan. At Moscow airport, JAL's Russia branch manager asks for cooperation.

○ Photographs taken by artist member Takashi Nishiyama were published in Saray (Shogakukan), a monthly magazine that explores the “life” and “living” of the senior generation.


September 2021

○9/2  National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, Russia, and the Japan Washigraph Exhibition (Japan​ Japanese paper photo exhibition) Signed a contract for the holding of the event.

9/14 The exhibition of the National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Ufa, which was scheduled from October, will be held in the Russian FederationThe president of the Republic of Bashkortostan announced that it will be postponed due to the corona crisis.

○9/19 The “Japan Washigraph Exhibition” sponsored by the Russian State Orenburg Museum, which had been extended twice, ended after 72 days. Record thousands of paid visitors.

○ Toshiya Watanabe, Yoshihiro Matsuda, Uhito Ogawa, Masayuki Takiwaki, Arima Masuzono, Cyan Nickel, Osamu Rin, Takashi Nishiyama, Yoshihiro Matsuda, Setsuko Sunada, Miharu Watanabe, and Akemi Yamamoto. The Japan Washi Photo Association officially certifies 11 artists.

○ Rinjiwill host a remote social gathering (commonly known as a zoom drinking party)) is started. Osamu Rin became the chairman of the committee to coordinate the members.

○ A zoom study group (mutual liaison meeting) has started centering on Vice Chairman Uhito Ogawa. Active efforts have been started with the aim of reforming the awareness of members.


October 2021

○ Actively hold zoom coaching where many members participate all at once. Themes include portrait photography, consistency between photo authoring and photography composition.

○October 8th (until November 7th) Japan Washigraph Exhibition#2 was held at the novotroitsk Museum and Exhibition complex of the city of Novotroitsk in Orenburg Oblast, produced by the Orenburg Museum. Chairman Tanaka participated in the opening ceremony with a video message.

10/16 Hokuriku Chunichi Shimbun published an article introducing Osamu Rin's photo book "Land of the Rising Sun".

○October 30 An exhibition of WashigraphPhoto titled "Tokyo Exhibition" was held at a huge facility (capacity for 250 people) at the Bunkyo Civic Center in Tokyo. Artist members from all over the country gather, such as Eijo Kubota from Nagasaki Prefecture, Sian Nickel from Shiga Prefecture, Yoshihiro Matsuda from Hyogo Prefecture, and Rinji from Toyama Prefecture.


November 2021

○Masumi Tokyo, Kanto's premier mounting company, and the Japan Washi Photography Association agreed to form a group to study Japanese paper photography and mounting culture.

○ Iichiro Tsukamoto (a painter, printmaker, and sculptor living in Saga Prefecture), an honorary member who actively holds exhibitions nationwide, held a solo exhibition at Gallery Goto in Ginza. It will be stimulating for the writer members living in Kanto.

○From December 29th to February 15th, Japan Washigraph Exhibition #3 will be held at the Ivan Goncharov Memorial Museum in Ulyanovsk City, a UNESCO City of Literature, in the capital of Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia. is decided.

​○ Started recruiting photo enthusiast members and smartphone camera members. Osamu Rin, who is in charge of the counter business, is appointed as the chairman in the sense that he represents the members.

○At the request of the Toyama City Library Main Building Materials Section,Osamu Rin's photo book "Land of the Rising Sun" is in the collection.

○ 11/9 The Kansai Exhibition will be held on February 5th and 6th in 2022 at Osaka City's Central Public Hall, a nationally designated important cultural facility.

​○ Writer members Misako Fujiwara and Yuji Takami were notified of their expulsion due to inadequate writer activities.

○11/25  Nobuaki Tanaka and Arima Masuzono visited Nagano Sangyo in Niigata City, where they ordered WshigraphPhoto's paulownia boxes for storage. Asked about making a frame exclusively for WshigraphPhoto.

○ Four members participated in the newly established enthusiast membership category. A new membership project has started. Rinji is the contact person. Accounting support is Yoshiko Yakushi.

December 2021

○ 12/4 A clubhouse was held to welcome Yasuo Ota (78 years old, the oldest among the members), who became a writer member from a photography enthusiast member.

○ 12/5 Arima Masuzono, an artist member, started production of museum goods with Alps Printing Co., Ltd. in Tokyo.

○ 12/6 writer memberJunji Yoshikawa gives HP production courseStart with ZOOM. Due to its popularity, it has been decided to make it into a series.

○ 12/10 Miharu Watanabe, a writer member, withdrew voluntarily due to work.

○12/11  A contract is signed to lend the works of the Japan Washi Photo Association managed by the Orenburg Museum to the Ivan Goncharov Memorial Museum for an exhibition. I was deeply moved by the content that was carefully considered by the Japan Washi Photo Association.The translation is also posted on the association's website..

​○12/14 Interviewed with a consultant from Kansai Television's affiliated company.

12/16  Takashi Nishiyama, an artist member, changed his name to Sho Takaya as an artist when he ran for mayor of Kudoyama Town, Wakayama Prefecture.

○ 12/21 Visited the Osaka head office of the Mainichi Shimbun. Ask former executives for cooperation. Seeking cooperation with the Mainichi Shimbun General Designers Association.

○ 12/23 Regarding hanging scrolls by Sian Nickel, Shoichi Kosuge and Yoshihiro Matsuda,Meeting at Shibaguchi Oizando, Kashiwara, Osaka Prefecture.

○ 12/24 I signed a delegation contract between the Orenburg Art Museum and the Japan Washi Photo Association, which mediated the exhibition at the Ivan Goncharov Memorial Museum.

○ 12/28 Sian Nickel, a writer member, held a talk salon using Clubhouse for the purpose of mutual understanding among members. Due to its popularity, regularization has been decided.

○ 12/28 The 3rd Japan Washigraph Exhibition will be held at the Historical and Memorial Center-Museum of IA Goncharova (Ivan Goncharov Historical Memorial Museum) in Ulyanovsk, the capital of Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia.Video message from Chairman Tanakais screened.Preparing a dedicated page for this exhibition.

○ 12/30 Yuri Komlev, Director of the Orenburg Art Museum, will present the fourth Japan Receive an email that the Washigraph Exhibition has been decided.

○ In order to complete the authorship and direction of individual writer members, we actively hold individual coaching with all writers.


○ From February 5th to February 6th, the Kansai Exhibition will be held at the Osaka Central Public Hall.

​ ○ On July 31, Nobuaki Tanaka and Arima Masuzono (Asako Tanaka) traveled to Paris. Decided to form a business alliance with the photo gallery lembrasser in Paris for the sale of WashigraphPhoto. Plans for the birth of Awagami Factory's Paris workshop have also been decided.

○ 8/7 Meeting for photo exhibition at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart, Germany. Greetings to the wife of the president of the German Photographers Society. Established a relationship with the Japan Washi Photo Association. Traveled around Greece and Italy for a month and returned to Paris.

○ 9/11 Meeting with photographer Antoine POUPEL in Paris. Requested to participate in the 2025 Osaka Kansai Expo.

​​ ○After returning to Japan in September, Awa Handmade Paper Commerce and Industry Cooperative, Fuji Paper Industry Association, Awa Washi Traditional Industry Center (Awagami Factory) Mr. Yoichi Fujimori, Chairman of the Board of Directors, consulted on the establishment of the Washi Photography Museum and the concept of an international collection of WashigraphPhoto.

◎Completed the membership system of the Japan Washi Photography Association.

○ From 11/17 to 11/20 An exhibition was held at the art salon athalie in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. Works are also for sale.

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