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Creating a support system for photographers

⚪︎Support for establishing categories and styles of works
⚪︎Support for establishing your identity as a writer
⚪︎Technical support
​⚪︎Active support to secure profits
⚪︎Promotion support
⚪︎ Strategy production
⚪︎Exhibition support
⚪︎Production of books and printed matter

Remote coaching

⚪︎Artist management
​⚪︎Technical support for photography
​⚪︎Photo course using screen sharing


Management support

⚪︎Production of printed matter such as DM, flyers, photo books, catalogs, business cards, etc.
⚪︎Artist site production support
​⚪︎Support for production of works
​⚪︎Pricing and ledger management for selling works

Providing a revenue model

We operate the ARTROOM SHOP site based on a contract with a payment company for the purpose of supporting artists.

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