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​ Honorary Writer

Iichiro Tsukamoto


Born in Saga Prefecture in 1956. Graduated from Saga University special art department.

Creative activities that transcend genres such as oil paintings, prints, and sculptures.

As a public collection, it is housed in Incheon Gakuin, Kogakukan, Saga University Hospital, etc. Many awards and solo exhibitions.

​ Honorary Writer

​ Naohiro Yamamoto


After working at a photo studio in New York, studied under fashion photographers and landscape photographers.
Began working as a freelance photographer in 2008.
He specializes in aerial photography with a motor paraglider, and creates works under the theme of "photographs that feel the earth" under the title "Earthscape".
He also performs skydiving, wingsuits, and aerial photography with drones.
In addition to photography, he also shoots videos and works on aerial photography for TV programs, movies, and commercials.
Currently, it is a project to shoot the highest peaks of the world's seven continents while flying with a motor paraglider.

Challenging "Above the Seven Summits Project".

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